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Brian Kirsch is the Senior Software Development Manager at Risclarity, where he focuses on SQL Server configuration and development. Brian excels in managing complex data sources, leading his team to enhance data clarity and comprehension for clients. His efforts ensure that clients can effectively access, understand, and utilize their data, driving their business goals forward.

With over two decades of experience in database design and management, Brian has extensive expertise in handling intricate data sets and systems. Before joining Risclarity, he worked as a Business Intelligence Lead and as a Software Engineer at WealthTouch. Brian's passion for data is evident in his pursuit of excellence in streamlining database design and solving reporting challenges. His ability to translate complex technical concepts into actionable insights has made him an invaluable asset to both his team and clients.

Originally from Minnesota, Brian now calls Colorado home. An avid camper and skier, he takes full advantage of Colorado's natural beauty and enjoys exploring the state's vast landscapes in his camper van.